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Shade Structures

Concrete Work

Concrete work shall be executed in accordance with the latest edition of the American Concrete Building Code, AC1 318. Concrete specifications shall comply as per plans, and as follows:

28-day strength F’c 2,500psi
Aggregate HR (shall conform to ASTM C-33)
Slump 3-5
Portland Cement shall conform to C-150

All reinforcement shall conform to ASTM A-615, Grade 60, with reinforcing steel detailed, fabricated, and placed in accordance with the latest ACI Detailing and Standard Practice manuals.

Whenever daily ambient temperatures are below 80 degrees F, the Contractor may have mix accelerators and hot water added at the batch plant (see below).
Temperature Range Acceleration Acceleration Type

75-80 degrees F 1% High Early (non-calcium)
70-75 degrees F 2% High Early (non-calcium)
Below 70 degrees F 3% High Early (non-calcium)

Note: Contractor shall not pour any concrete when daily ambient temperatures are below 55 degrees F.


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