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USA SHADE, branded as Sun Ports Product Specifications
Structural Specifications (for standard units up to 1,600 sqft)

As a minimum and/or when no specific building code information is delineated in the client’s specifications or requirements, our structures are designed to meet or exceed requirements set forth in the 2003 International Building Code (IBC). Our structures are covered by a 10-year warranty against failure of the structure, with the powder coated surface carrying a 1-year warranty. The fabric top(s) is covered by a 10-year (pro-rated) warranty against significant fading, tearing, ripping, and/or discoloration (red is covered by a 3-year fade warranty.) Should the fabric need to be replaced under warranty, USA SHADE will manufacture and ship a new fabric at no charge for the first 6 years, thereafter pro-rated at 18% per annum over the remaining 4 years.

Design Loads (minimum)
Snow Load 10psf
Wind Load 90mph
Live Load 10psf

Steel, Finish, Fabric

All steel members of the shade structure shall be designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the “American Institute of Steel Construction” (AISC) Specifications, and the “American Iron and Steel Institute” (AISI) Specifications, for cold-formed members.

All connections shall have a maximum internal sleeving tolerance of 0.0625 inches, using high-tensile strength steel sections, with a minimum sleeve length of 6 inches.

All non-hollow structural steel members shall comply to ASTM A-36. All hollow structural steel members shall be cold-formed, high-strength steel, and comply with ASTM-A500, Grade C. All steel plates shall comply to ASTM A -572, Grade 50. All galvanized steel tubing shall be triple-coated for rust protection using an in-line electroplating coat process. All galvanized steel tubing shall be internally coated with zinc and organic coatings to prevent corrosion.

All structural field connections of the shade structure shall be designed and made with high-strength bolted connections using ASTM A-354, Grade B or SAE J249, Grade 8.

All stainless steel bolts shall comply with ASTM F-593, Alloy Group 1 or 2. All bolt fittings shall include rubber washers for water-tight seals at joints. All nuts shall comply with ASTM F-594, Alloy Group 1 or 2.

All shop-welded connections of the shade structure shall be designed and performed in strict accordance with the requirement of the "American Welding Society" (AWS) Specifications. Structural welds shall be made in compliance with the requirement of the "Prequalified" welded joints, where applicable, and by certified welders. No onsite or field welding shall be permitted.

Powder Coating
Galvanized steel tubing preparation prior to powder coating shall be executed in accordance to solvent cleaning SSPC-SP1. Solvents such as water, mineral spirits, xylol, toluol, are to be used to remove foreign matter from the surface. A mechanical method prior to solvent cleaning, and prior to surface preparation, shall be executed according to Power Tool Cleaning SSPC-SP3, and utilizing wire brushes , abrasive wheels, needle gun, etc .
Carbon structural steel tubing preparation prior to powder coating shall be executed in accordance to commercial blast cleaning SSPC-SP6 OR NACE #3. A commercial blast-cleaned surface, when viewed without magnification, shall be free of all visible oil, grease, dirt, mill scale, rust, coating, oxides, corrosion, as well as other products or foreign material.
Powder coating shall be sufficiently applied, with a minimum 3 mils thickness, and cured at the recommended temperature to provide proper adhesion and stability to meet salt-spray and adhesion tests, as defined by ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.
Powder used in the powder coat process shall have the following characteristics:
Specific gravity: 1.68+/- 0.05
Theoretical coverage: 114+/-4ft sq./lb/mil
Mass loss during cure: <1%
Maximum storage temperature 75 degrees F

Tension Cable
Steel cable is determined based on calculated engineering loads. For light and medium loads, ¼” (nominal) galvanized 7 x 19 strand cable is to be used. For heavy loads, 3/8” (nominal) galvanized 7 x 19 cable is to be used.

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