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Shade Structures

Stitching and Tread

Stitching and Thread All sewing threads are to be double-stitched, with no sewing/stitching allowed on-site. Perimeters of the fabric top are to be double lockstitched. All corners shall be reinforced with extra non-tear fabric and strapping to properly distribute load(s). Thread shall be GORE TENARA sewing thread, manufactured from 100% expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This mildew-resistant, exterior-approved thread shall meet or exceed the following:

-Flexible temperature range, with a low shrinkage factor
-Extremely high strength; durable in outdoor climates, resists flex and abrasion of fabric
-Unaffected by cleaning agents, as well as acid rain, mildew, saltwater
-Rot-resistant, and unaffected by most industrial pollutants
-Specially treated for prolonged exposure to the sun
-Lockstitch thread-1200 Denier or approved equal
-Chainstitch thread-2400 Denier or approved equal

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