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UV Protection

UV Shade Fabric is Shadesure fabric, manufactured by MultiKnit Ltd., and made of UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This mesh fabric must be Rachel-knitted with monofilament and tape yarn filler (weighted at 195g per square meter) to ensure that the material will not unravel if cut. Panels are to be ten (10) feet wide. Fabric shall conform to, and pass, the ASTM E-84 testing standard, as well as the NFPA701 Test Method 2 Standard. The fabric properties are:

-Life expectancy 8 year minimum with continuous sun exposure
-Fading Minimal after 5 years (3 years for red)
-Stretch Stentored
-Tear Tests Warp, 220.5 lbs/ Weft, 462,9707 lbs
-Burst Tests 37.7 (psia)
-Fabric Mass 2.43-2.58 oz./sqft (190-200gsm)
-Fabric Width 9.8425 feet (3 meters)
-Roll Length 164.04 feet (50 meters)
-Roll Dimensions 62.99” x 16.5354” (160 cm x 42 cm)
-Roll Weight + or – 66lbs (+ or - 30kg)
-Minimum Temp -13 degrees F (-25 degrees C)
-Maximum Temp +176 degrees F (80 degrees C)



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