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Scarification Tools

Tow Scarifier

#187-4 4' Model

Tow ScarifierTow Scarifier

This heavy-duty tow model scarifier is truly a workhorse for loosening the top surface on HAR-TRU courts. It is especially good for indoor courts with excess calcium build-up. The unit is heavy enough to allow its two rows of case hardened nails to really penetrate the surface.

• Staggered nails on each row prevent clumps
• Sized to fit between the alley tapes
• Levered wheels lift unit over the tapes so tapes can be left in place
• Angled nails self sharpen as they are used
• Adjustable steel rails lower nails as they wear down
• Removable steel plate allows for easy nail replacement

Court Devil

Court Devil


The tow model Court Devil is designed to agitate the court surface without removing or damaging existing line tapes. It helps prevent and break-up mineral deposits, mold, algae, and fungus that may tighten the court surface. The court is scarified with circular steel blades mounted on free turning axles. Weight 105lbs., Width 4', Depth 12".

Court DeviL Jr.

Court DeviL Jr.


This smaller hand model Court Devil is designed for maintaining areas along court perimeters and beneath the net line. It is also great for loosening localized hard spots, Weight 85lbs., Width 16", Length 24", Height 10".

Court Rake


Court Rake

The Tow Model Court Rake is designed to loosen and groom the court surface with 1/4" wide teeth. When used on a regular basis, the court rake will keep the court surface smooth and growth problems to a minimum. The Court Rake can be safely pulled over the line tapes and has a built-in fence and net guard. The Court Rake is 73" long and weighs 35 lbs. A hand model is also available.


Replacement Teeth for the Court Rake now come in easy-to-install, twelve inch sections. Six sections are needed to replace the entire set. The Replacement Teeth will fit old style rakes.

Gator Rakes

Gator Rake is one of the finest grooming and leveling tools. The product is all alumi- num and stainless steel. The tine system is composed of stainless steel rods less than 1/8th inch in diameter that puts just the right bite into your court surface, leaving a finely groomed, highly manicured appearance. The Gator Rake can be towed behind a cart or pulled by hand depending on your needs.Weight can be added to the top of the rake on special weight towers (must be purchased separately) to increase the aggressiveness of the tool and help it dig into hard packed courts, regenerating loose sliding material.

The product line also features a highly innovative rake that will allow you to groom the edges of the court without ever leaving the golf cart! The time saving Cart-side Rake attaches neatly to the side of your cart. When activated, the spring loaded system extends the rake from the side of the cart allowing you to groom right to the fence line..

The Gator Rake line also contains two very useful hand rakes. One is 72” wide, is lighter and easier to store, and can be used for leveling and grooming a court between matches. The second is 24” wide and is designed for agitating the court surface along fence lines or in small hard-pan areas. It is very aggressive and can chew up the court surface very effectively.

Note: A brush attachment for behind the tow and hand pull rake is available for those who prefer to leave the surface with a brushed finish.

72" Gator Rake TOW Model with Nerf Guard 72" Gator Rake HANDLE Model with Nerf Guard
#SCR1372 #SCR1324
72" Gator Rake HANDLE Model 24" Gator Rake HANDLE Model
72" Gator Rake With Attachment  
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