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Scrusher Deluxe

Portable Steel BasePortable Steel Base

Scrusher Deluxe - #886

The Tennis shoe cleaner. Three (3) sets od brushes on the bottom with its steel frame and hard maple replacement brushes, is designed and build to last..Side brushes are made of softer poly, won't scratch shoes. Bottom bristles are made of stiff nylon throughly clean soles of footwear. Elevated base for easier cleaning.



SCRUSHER Tennis Base

SCRUSHER Tennis Base - #886-T

The Tennis shoe cleaner. Cleans bottom and sides of shoes

Metal Base - Tennis

Tennie Two Step

Tennie Two Step - #885

With the Tennie Two-Step there is a way to keep carpets, shoes, and pathways cleaner. Tennie Two-Step is simplicity itself. it is a polyethylene basin containing two perforated rubber panels. As players rock back and forth, jets of water are forced through perforations, flushing deeply embedded Fast-Dry from the soles of players' shoes. The Tennie Two-Step's simple, effective design and durable construction ensure that it will remain a long-lasting, dependable means of keeping paths and carpets cleaner. It is made of UV resistant polyethylene and stands up to constant use.

Tennie Two-Step Brush

Tennie Two-Step Brush - #885-A

The perfect addition to your Tennie Two-Step. This brush attachment will allow you to "Brush" away any excess surface lodged in your tennis shoes. The aluminum frame and replaceable, long-lasting polyethylene bristles will give you years of trouble-free use.

Treadblaster Shoe Cleaner

Treadblaster - #885-TB

This unique shoe cleaner uses high force, concentrating nozzles that shoot crossing jets of water into the soles of your shoes, cleaning out all clay in 5-10 seconds. No electricity required, only a standard ¾″ garden hose (30-60 psi). Mounting plate included.


Green (for Har Tru Clay courts)

Orange (for Red Clay courts)

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