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tennis sprinklers


tennis sprinklers


tennis sprinklers


tennis sprinklers



Nelson Sprinklers



#IRRSPR6005 - 6005-ADV Stainless Steel Sleeve

#IRRSPR6503 - 6503 High speed head, stailess steel sleeve

#IRRSPR6505 - 6505-ADV Stainless Steel Sleeve

#IRRSPR7500 - 7500-ADV Stainless Steel Sleeve

#IRRSPR7503 - 7503-ADV Stainless Steel Sleeve

Our Nelson Pro Series gear drive sprinklers with the "Acu-Cover" Nozzles provide better close-in watering to help eliminate donut shaped dry areas and allow for more flexibility in sprinkler layout and design.

Stainless steel sleeves, heavy duty springs, anti-drain valves, locking cap screws and low angle nozzles are available. Exclusive Nelson "Click-Set" collars make for quick and easy radius adjustment. One sprinkler provides for full or part-circle patterns.

A unique slip-clutch protects gears and motors from damage while ratcheting turret for fast part-circle adjustments, wet or dry. Wrench, piston clap and instructions are included. 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Nelson Valves


New from Nelson this year is the EZ Connect 9500 series valve, (right). The high grade PVC unions located inlet and outlet maximum versatility of pipe

Nelson Valves

size (1-1/2" and/or 2") and fitting combinations (slip and/or threaded). 
Installation and removal is a breeze. A 1" 7900 series valve (left) is also available. Nelson valves are made of heavy duty materials and corrosion resistant metals for years of dependable service.

Nelson Controllers

• Professional grade irrigation controllers
• Easy-to-use dials and buttons for programming
• Large and clear LCD read outs
• Non-volatile memory stores programs without AC power or batteries
• 3 independent programs
• 3 start times per program (9 total starts)
• 3 scheduling options (7 day calendar, 1-30 day interval, true odd/even) to suit a wide variety of situations
• Water budget options reduces or increases watering 0-200 percent, eliminating wasteful watering and allowing changes for unusual weather
• 3 test cycles (Manual with ManualAdvance TM feature, Cycle, 3 minute test)
• Easy to install and features toolless terminal strips
• Programmable run times from 1 minute to 5 hours and 59 minutes
• Poly-fuse circuit protection for power surges and overload protection
• Exclusive Select&Adjust TM programming
• Internal transformer
• 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship
• Always install surge protection with your controller

0118306N-EXT 6-zone                    0118309N-EXT 9-zone
0118312N-EXT 12-zone

Nelson Controllers


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