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Rally Flat

     Rally backboards Rally Master Backboards are the perfect compliment to any tennis court. Backboard practice is one of the best ways to develop proper ground strokes and volley techniques and is an integral part of any tennis training program. Whether you're out to improve your backhand or warm up before a big match, your Rally Master Back board is ready when you are!

Rally Master Backboards are constructed of tough, solid U.V. Stabilized, space age plastic sheet and corrosion resistant mounting hardware. Rally Master Backboards are covered by an industry leading twenty year warranty.

Rally Master Backboards are designed to be mounted on to any structurally sound tennis court fence or can be mounted on posts independent of a fence. All models are ten feet in height and are available in four foot wide, paneled increments. A five foot high, heavy "Catch Net" can be mounted above the backboard to catch errant shots.


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Rally Backboards Sizes

10' x 12'

10' x 16'

10' x 20' (Our most popular residential size)

10' x 24'

All backboards are 10' high and are available in 4' wide panel increments.
5' catch net is available upon request.
(Other sizes available upon request)


Rally Slope

Back-sloped Backboard: A 8-degree back-slope on a backboard provides a lofted ball return that will land further away from the board compared to the flatter, shorter rebound off a flat wall. Some players and coaches prefer the lofted return because it allows more time to prepare for the shot and places the player further from the practice wall. When considering a back-sloped model, remember that the bottom of the backboard will encroach 30" into the court compared with the 4" of intrusion of a flat backboard. Back-sloped models are often placed on the side of a court rather than behind the baseline where run back-space is more critical. Back-sloped backboards are available in the same sizes as Flat backboards.


10' x 12' , 10' x 16' , 10' x 20' , 10' x 24' , 10' x 28' and 10' x 32'



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