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Vacuum and Blowers


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Power Sweep Battery 28" -


Power Sweep Battery 36 "-


Charger 12V -10 Amp - #700-10 Charge Battery in 3 to 4 hours

Charger 12V -20 Amp - #700-20 Charge Battery in 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Battery 105A - #700-PB

Power Sweep - Battery / Best for Indoor Courts


• Battery Powered

• Two Sweep Widths  28" and 36"

• Ultra Maneuverability

• Variable Speeds

• Effortless Ergonomic Steering Controls

• Super Quiet Running

• Micro Fine Dust Control

• Low Maintenance

• Panel Filter

• Electronic Filter Shaker




Tennis Vacuum

NOTE: Battery and charger are not Included. Battery models require 12V, 105 baterry


Vacuum Electric

#700-E (Electric)

#700-E40 (Electric)

#700-G (Gas)

#700-G40 (Gas)


• Two Sweep Widths 30" or 40" •Maneuverable - 54" Long

•Cleans up to 40,000 sq ft per hour

• Patented Tapered Intake - Side Collection.

• Exclusive Booster Baffle - Picks Up More Difficult Litter

• Rugged, All Welded Steel Body

• No Chains, Belts or Unnecessary Moving Parts

• Low Maintenance

• Impeller Shaft Guard - Prevents String, Wire, etc.

from Wrapping Around & Binding on Shaft

• Snap-On Dolly Assembly - Carries Weight of Bag

• Exclusive Deflector Baffle Protects Operator

• Transportable in Van or on Trailer

NOTE: Prices are without hose


Tennis Vacuum

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