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Commercial 95 Shadecloth

Superior UV block, optimum shade factor
and excellent overall cover

Commercial 95 knitted shadecloth is specially
constructed for tension structures and shade awnings. It has been successfully used for almost two decades throughout the world in both small and large applications in countries including Australia where temperatures can range from below freezing to as much as 50°C (or 122°F).

Commercial 95 boasts the inherent strength of knitted lock-stitch construction using a combination of tape and monofilament yarn to create a dimensionally stable material that is fray and tear resistant. It undergoes a heat stentering process that virtually eliminates any chance of shrinkage once installed. Commercial 95 is designed to provide UV block ranging from 91% to 98% creating safer outdoor daytime environments which can be utilised for longer periods.



Commercial 95 Shade Fabric:  Knitted of monofilament and tape construction high density polyethylene with Ultra Violent (U.V.) stabilizers and flame retardant.   UV-Block Factor varies by standard color offered from 91% to 99%.

a) Normal Thickness:           0.057 inches Minimum

b) Fabric Mass:                    337 g/m2 Minimum

c) Light Fastness:                7- 8  (Blue Wool Scale)

d) Weather Fastness:          4- 5 (Grey Scale Test)

e) Tear Resistance:             Warp 210N; Weft 276N Minimum

F) Breaking Force:               Warp 786N; Weft 1544N Minimum

g) Bursting Pressure:           Mean 3125kPa Minimum

h) Bursting Force:                Mean 1775N Minimum

Flammability:  Shade Fabric is treated with fire retardants and passes Requirements established under the NFPA 701 and ASTM E -84.

All hems and seams are double row lock stitched using exterior grade UV-stabilized polyethylene Gore (Tenara) sewing thread.  (10 yr warranty) 

#2 Brass Grommets are placed around perimeter edge every 12”.

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