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Gym Floor Covers

3000 Covers Series


Gym Floor Covers — 3000 Series

Gym Floor Covers — 3000 Series
A Deluxe, Highly Decorative, Holographic Cube Pattern, Slip Resistant Cover
The 3000 Series Gym Floor Cover meets all the requirements to convert a gym for any particular occasion, whether it’s graduations, dances, shows, or table and chairs setups. Recommended use for this cover is 10-12 times a year.
3000 Series will guard against the rigors of heavy traffic events. This top quality floor cover provides reliable protection against possible damage from many abrasive items. With 3000 Series, you will protect your gym floors from marks, scratches, stains and dirt.

The twilight gold, holographic cube pattern, slip resistant surface is perfect for more formal occasions because it will give your gym a strikingly decorative look unlike any other cover. The midnight blue side is perfect for any heavy duty event. Strong and durable, the cover meets all requirements to convert a gym for multi-purpose use and will stand up to repeated use for years to come

Standard Dual Color Combinations

Twilight Gold on one side, Midnight Blue on the other

Gym Floor Covers 3000 Series

3000 Series Material Properties

3000 Series meets 5 fire resistant standards: California Fire Marshall, Underwriter Fire Protection Test, National Fire Protection Association, Connecticut Fire Marshall Class 1 Rating, State of New York Class A rating.
3000 Series material is treated with Cover-Gard to resist odors and germs. It is also resistant to rot and mildew.

Surface finish: Safety holographic cube Pattern

Fabric core: Single layer, woven Polyester

Core weight: 4.80 oz/sq.yd.

Weave count: 18 x 18 Coating: P.V.C., knife coated process, not extrusion coated or laminate process.

Total cover weight: 21 oz/sq.yd.

Slip-resistant surface: ADA compliant

Co-efficient of friction: 0.66

Tensile strength: 375 lbs.

Tear strength: 90 lbs.

Adhesion: 35 lbs./inch

Hydrostatic resistance: 430 lbs./inch


An eleven 11 year warranty covering materials and workmanship, equivalent to Covermaster Warranty Program, is offered.

Summary of 3000 Series Features:

Exclusive decorative, holographic cube pattern, anti-slip top surface Value priced Can be used either side up Designed for high frequency use

Recommended gym floor cover handling and storage system:

Ultima Series CoverMate II

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