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Gym Floor Covers

Color Selection

Color Selection


With today’s modern cover manufacturing equipment, No Fault Sports Products, Inc. can supply you with a cover in exactly the color you want. And depending on the type of cover you select, you can even have a cover with one color on one side and a second color on the other side. The most popular combination is royal blue and neutrino (sandy gray).

It’s easy to select a color once you consider the kind of effect you want to achieve. Some schools want to match one of the wood tones of their hardwood floor, such as light beige. Others prefer to stay with school colors.

The good news is, with a gym floor cover, the color choice is yours. Today, the majority of schools select a cover that allows them to have a combination of a dark color on one side and a light color on the other. The reason is that a dark background tends to hide the type of stains that you can expect from spills and shoes during dances and concerts. Dark colors are more suitable for the events held in the evening. On the other hand, the light colored side is best if you want the room to have a nice clean appearance for graduations and similar events. Light covers look great during the morning and afternoon events.

Additionally, we finish each Ultima series cover with a unique anti-slip decorative pattern. Not only does this create a safer surface to walk on for all patrons, but it also enhances the appearance of any room. While competitive models are simply standard tarps that look as such, the Ultima series covers will create an elegant setting for any event.

High performance materials, color, and lighting are key elements that make gymnasiums attractive spaces. Color and lighting impact overall design. Light colors can be easily combined with accent colors. Light colors are also reflective, making a large-volume space easier to illuminate. Darker colors hide marks and imperfections, but absorb light requiring greater levels of artificial illumination. Dark colors also visually pull the walls together, thus, creating more intimate atmosphere, which is great for the events with small number of attendees.


Best Selling Colors:

Royal Blue
Dark Gray
Navy Blue
Light Blue
Light Gray
Forest Green
Electric Purple






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