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Cover Clean


Cover Clean

While always at the innovative forefront, we encourage and welcome feedback from our customers. It was through this listening that we realized that while our customers were thrilled with our CoverMate systems, they wanted to now reduce the labor required to clean the cover after events. This led to the development and patenting of the CoverClean Brush system. This product has been heralded by our clients as an extremely effective cleaning mechanism that has greatly reduced the labor time and cost required to remove the gym floor covers. Those who have it wouldn’t be without it.

CoverClean Brush:

• Reduces manual sweeping of cover
• Saves time and labor
• Is adjustable and not simply bolted on
• Sweeps cover clean on both sides simultaneously as it is rolled up for storage
• Can be installed on existing CoverMate systems

The CoverClean brush on the floor cover handling system is a patented solution to remove dirt and dust from the cover when it’s being rolled back. Any spills should be mopped first (same with any cover). The brush will sweep debris off the cover very well, saving time, labor and money for the end users. The CoverClean brush assembly can be installed on any existing CoverMate model.

CoverClean, an adjustable, quick disconnect, brush assembly sweeps debris and dust from both sides of the cover as you wind it up for storage. Simply feed the cover section between the two brushes before you attach it to its roller. CoverClean is positioned to allow for the proper alignment of the cover with the roller. The dual opposing brushes consist of two rows of 3" bristles. One row is made of flagged styrene fiber for fine sweeping, the other of stiffer polystyrene fiber for heavy debris.

Your gym floor cover is easily cleaned using standard industrial cleaning solutions and equipment. After each use of the cover all loose debris should be removed using the CoverClean brush system or manually by sweeping the cover with a broom or dry mop. Any stubborn stains can be removed with CleanMate Anti-Static Cover Cleaner. Since all covers are treated to resist mildew and fungus, spilled liquids and foods are not a problem. Simple cleaning and drying is all that you need to do to keep your cover in top condition for many, many years.


Cover Clean


Cover Clean





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