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Gym Floor Covers

Cover Mate I

Cover Mate I

As an alternative to the new Ultima Series CoverMate II we will continue to offer the patented Master Series CoverMate I, our original invention to mechanize the handling of gym floor cover installation, removal and storage. This proven system is the most widely used one in North America today.

Available with either six, eight or ten rollers, CoverMate I will satisfy the requirements of most floor cover handling needs. And because of its simpler design it will appeal to facilities with more limited budgets.

Easy to install...

With CoverMate I, two people can install or remove a gym floor cover in less than thirty minutes. Just place it at one end of the gym, lock the system in place and walk each cover section over to the other end.

Easy to remove...

To store the cover, attach each cover section to its roller and wind it back up with two standard hand cranks. Or get the optional PowerMate, a heavy duty power winder that handles the largest and heaviest of gym floor covers. It makes an easy job even easier!

Easy to sweep...

With CoverMate I locked in place, just slide each cover section under the optional, Master Series CoverClean, a single brush assembly, before attaching it to its roller. While you wind up the cover, dirt and debris are swept from the top side of the cover.


Cover Mate I

Easy to store...

With the cover sections back on the CoverMate I system, all that’s left to do is move it back to your storage area. And yes, CoverMate I will fit through standard double width doors.

Master Series CoverMate I is available in 6, 8 or 10 roller models or in custom configurations or measurements.
CoverMate I lets two people install a standard size cover in 30 minutes or less
PowerMate can be used with CoverMate I to easily wind up the longest of cover sections
Master Series CoverClean sweeps the top side of the cover during windup.
At 42" wide, the Master Series CoverMate I fits easily through standard double doors for storage.


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