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Gym Floor Covers

Floor Measuring

Floor Measuring

Measuring you can do easily

You can do a quick and easy calculation of your gym’s width and length. These are the two important numbers to remember when inquiring about gym floor covers.

You have to be careful though. The idea of a cover that consists of one or even two large sections may sound appealing, however, it is not at all practical. Large sections could weigh between 175 to 450 lbs. For obvious reasons, you’ll need more staff to handle a cover of this size. Additionally, with larger sections, you have no choice but to fold the cover for storage. This in turn creates the problem of permanent creases.


The simplest and most common solution is to have a cover made in multiple sections that can be easily stored in a rolled up form on the Ultima Series CoverMate II handling system, and setup or removed by only two staff members.

For ease of handling, these sections measure 10 feet in width by the length of the floor. For example, a 56' x 100' gymnasium would require a cover manufactured in 6 sections that are each 10' wide x 100' long. This allows some overlap on each section, which is perfect for taping the sections together.

If your gym is not rectangular, please call us at (800)-462-7766


Gym floor covers should not be placed under the bleachers. We can help you make custom shaped sections that fit the interior of your gym. Round and oval shapes are in our expertise as well.

Cover Sizing for Storage

The CoverMate II rack is available with 6, 8 or 10 rollers that will let you load enough cover sections to completely cover an average size gym up to 10,000 sq. ft.

The Ultima Series CoverMate II is specifically designed to prevent creases and wrinkles on your gym floor covers while you are not using them. It takes minimum space and helps you stay organized. It is quick and easy to move around, and is a labor reducing tool when you need to setup or roll back your covers. The Ultima Series CoverMate II rack puts your staff’s safety first. It is a must have system for your covers.

Take these facts into account when you are measuring your gym floors.

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