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Gym Floor Covers

Power Winder

Power Winder

Wouldn't it be great if your gym floor covers were neatly rolled-up in just a few minutes? It could happen, with the PowerMate power winder. This electric winder comes complete with a special adapter head that fits securely inside the roller end. Simply plug in your PowerMate power tool and roll up your covers fast. It's as simple as that!

This electric tool is designed to power assist in rolling up cover sections and eliminate hand cranking. This accessory complements the mobile storage rack by winding each cover section on its storage roller. It requires one-person, push-button operation, with a second person to guide the cover. PowerMate has great durability and longevity, and it will last for many years.

The PowerMate power winder is a 1200 Watts heavy duty tool with automatic safety lock-off device and forward/reverse switch. It’s a high quality, engineered accessory. The motor is not available from any other manufacturer. PowerMate is easy and safe to use, and it makes an easy job even easier. This power winder comes with a 10 year warranty.

PowerMate is 30% lighter, more compact and quieter than similar products with the same power capacity. It can easily be operated by women and left handed people. The PowerMate power winder features a safety trip switch, power increase thanks to automatic carbon brush adjustment, support bracket for both rotational directions. It is compliant with ISO 7-1 (DIN 2999, BSPT).

PowerMate is a labor saving device which helps to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

Storage/carrying case included.

Safety Reminder:

Keep your work area clean and well lit.
Keep bystanders, children, and visitors away while operating a tool.
Keep floors dry and free of slippery materials such as oil.
Do not expose electrical tools to rain or wet conditions.
Use proper extension cords.

Power Winder

Power Winder Specifications:

DIMENSIONS 17.3" x 3.3" x 7.7"
WEIGHT 7.7 lbs
NOISE RATING Emission at workplace 83 Db.
MOTOR 110V/1200W/50-60 Hz.
  Forward/reverse switch.
  Thermal overload protection,
  automatic disconnect includes
  reset button.
GEAR HEAD Automatic infinitely variable
  rotation 35-27 rpm.
GEAR Plastic coated aluminum.
STORAGE Includes storage/carrying case.
WARRANTY 10 years against defects
  in materials and workmanship.
HOUSING Bright yellow glass fiber


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