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Gym Floor Covers


Cover Storage

This attractive storage cover keeps your CoverMate system and the gym floor cover clean and ready for the next event. It also discourages unauthorized use and reduces the need for cleaning. It makes your storage room look tidy.


Cover Storage


Seaming Tape 3"

This extra strength, transparent CoverTape is made of a special formulated material that makes it easy to apply on the cover and easy to remove after the event. It also leaves no sticky residue, unlike other products. The tape’s adhesive will not react with the polymers in the cover.

The 3" wide rolls are 36 yards in length and are supplied in cartons of 16 rolls. Use of this durable tape on overlapping cover sections is recommended to reduce the risk of tripping and to minimize spilled liquids from reaching the hardwood floor.

Seaming Tape 3"

Tape Mate

TapeMate Walk-Behind Tape Dispenser

• A practical, easy-to-use, tall walk-behind tape dispenser
• Ergonomically designed, eliminates bending and doesn’t cause back pain
• Made of yellow enameled, heavy gauge steel
• Back wheel applies tape as you walk it along
• Handle swivels to adjust to person's height
• Applies tape more quickly and easily than by hand
• Drop-in-place tape support for fast roll changeover

Tape Mate
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